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School Meals

Breakfast Club (£2.50)

The school runs a Breakfast Club which serves breakfast from 7.30am to 8.30am

each morning in the school hall. Breakfast club includes a hearty breakfast, a drink

and a range of activities for the children including the ever popular Breakfast Bingo. 

School Dinners (£2.10)


School meals are served daily with a four option menu.

Payment for school meals is required each Monday morning for the week ahead, or at the start of a school term. Families in receipt of certain benefits are eligible to claim free school meals. Enquiries should be directed to the school office.

If your child does not wish to have a school meal, then we would ask you to supply a healthy packed lunch and drink, but please, no glass bottles or sweets, thank you.


School Milk

Milk is available to all children in school. Children are eligible for free milk up until the age of 5, at which point they can continue with subsidised milk. Parents should register with

"The lunchtime staff always deal with XXXX's fussy eating really well and always make sure she has something and yesterday let her try a pasta dish and put a little bit next to her meal. Thank you to that member of staff xxx" Parent, September 2022

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