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Curriculum Organisation

There is evidence that teaching subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider topic-based curriculum allows children to make useful links between areas of learning, and consolidate skills. Children are also likely to be more engaged in their learning if it has a context and theme that runs through it. Hooton Pagnell All Saints Primary School has therefore developed a thematic curriculum to deliver the majority of the National Curriculum.  Others are taught discretely.  The timetable is carefully considered to ensure that pupils experience a broad range of learning opportunities, and that the curriculum is not narrowed.

The following subjects are taught discretely:

  • English (some links made through Novel study)

  • Maths

  • Physical Education

  • Religious Education

  • Modern Foreign Languages

The following subjects are taught thematically:

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • Art

  • Design Technology

  • Music

  • PSHE

Each termly plan has a core curriculum driver taken from either Science, History or Geography programme of study. Curriculum delivery is planned around a thought-provoking ‘hook in or catalyst’ question which encourages a sense of curiosity in our children. Independence and resilience are encouraged through the involvement of children in uncovering new information for themselves to reach an answer.

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