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Design Technology

Why is Design Technology important? 

Design Technology helps us to develop as reflective learners, as we work through the design process.


Through design technology, we are able to work collaboratively to solve problems and find solutions, teaching us to deal with uncertainty whilst developing communication, organisational and other practical life skills, ‘Preparing Pupils For Their Future’.


In Design Technology, we as Christians learn to appreciate the needs of others, the built environment and the likely impact of future technologies.


When is Design Technology taught?

Design Technology is taught both discretely (Focused Tasks / Design, Make, Evaluate Assignments) and through thematic units. The subject overview (below) maps out which thematic units feature this subject.



How is Design Technology taught? 

Design Technology is taught through a combination of subject knowledge, skill building and design and make projects. Food technology is also taught through

thematic units and our 3D PSHE programme. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.


What do we learn in Design Technology? 

We learn about:-






Food technology



We also complete design technology projects in each phase for specified clients e.g. the pirate, the evil genius, allowing pupils the opportunity to both experiment and apply their knowledge and skills.


How do we assess and monitor design technology? 

Class teachers update track-zone at least after each theme (6 weeks) or each competency or essentials unit (3 weeks). This is used by class teachers to plan next steps. The design and technology leader monitors this to identify areas of strengths and where development is required through school. The design and technology leader then plans appropriate next steps, including CPD for staff, and uses the data to create the action plan. 

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