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From initial mark-making in Explorers (Reception) to extended writing across the curriculum in Navigators (Year 5 and 6), the teaching of writing at HP is an engaging and developmental process.


Our aim is to make writing as purposeful as possible; when children have a reason and clear motivation to write, they produce magic on the page! 


Basic skills like handwriting and spelling are taught rigorously so that the children become confident in these building blocks of writing. Most writing is linked to novel study with the addition of a wide range of cross-curricular writing opportunities providing the opportunity to apply the grammar and punctuation skills they have learned in a meaningful context whilst developing their own personal flair and style. We relish any opportunity to write and regularly contribute pieces to the local magazine. Children are adept at editing their work to achieve polished final pieces. 

Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a spelling practice website and app that uses a friendly interface to encourage children to practice their spelling. Spelling Shed is suitable for ages 5 to 11 that focuses on spelling and literacy. Click the button to visit Spelling Shed. 

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