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Why is Geography important?

Geography helps us to make sense of the world around us, better understand the places we live in, learn about and visit, why they matter and how they are connected to a globalised world. Through geography, we encounter different societies and cultures and learn to appreciate the incredible diversity of landscapes and peoples. all of which are important to us as Christians.  In geography, we face questions of what it means to live sustainably in an interdependent world and learn to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants. We believe that this is a huge part of our promise of ‘Preparing our Pupils for their Futures’.


When is Geography taught?

Geography is taught through thematic units. The subject overview (below) maps out which thematic units feature this subject .


How is Geography taught?

Geography is taught through a combination of subject knowledge, geographical skills, enquiry and fieldwork. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.


Where do we learn about in Geography?

We learn about the following locations:-

  • Asia - China, Russia, India, Egypt

  • Africa - Madagascar, South Africa, Benin

  • South America - Brazil, Peru

  • North and Central America

  • Europe - Scotland, Greece, Rome

  • Australasia - Fiji

  • Arctic Circle

  • Local Geography

What do we learn about in Geography?

We learn about:-

  • Landscapes

  • Human and physical features

  • Landmarks

  • Physical systems and processes

  • Environments

  • Settlements

  • Biomes

  • Climate

  • Land use

  • Environmental issues

  • Sustainability

How do we assess and monitor Geography?

Class teachers update track-zone at least after each theme (6 weeks) or each competency or essentials unit (3 weeks). This is used by class teachers to plan next steps. The geography leader monitors this to identify areas of strengths and where development is required through school. The geography leader then plans appropriate next steps, including CPD for staff, and uses the data to create the action plan.

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