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 Online Safety

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At Anston Hillcrest Primary School we take Digital Safety very seriously. We ensure that it is integrated into all areas of Computing being taught within school, so that children can see the real life dangers involved with using digital devices. The strong message being that digital safety is an issue at home as well as in school. Online safety agreements have been discussed with each class and posters are displayed in each classroom, the children and parents are expected to sign an online safety agreement and these are referred to regularly whenever the internet is being used in class.

As well as this, the school also holds an annual "Online Safety Week" in February. During this week, children have the opportunity to do a range of activities aimed at opening the children's eyes to a wide range of issues. They learn about how to deal with any online safety issues that they may come across. The children are involved in discussing and debating internet usage at home and how to be more responsible when using digital devices.

Our staff work to ensure our pupils understand internet safety and how to be responsible internet users.

As part of the National Crime Agency, CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) gives great advice to parents and children about staying safe online.

Their dedicated website, Think You Know, allows worries about online activity to be explored and their 'Click CEOP' button can be used to report concerns.

Online Safety Policy

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Useful Links

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 Online Safety

Vodafone Digital Parenting 

Guides for parents - keep updated with apps children are playing and how to keep them safe online

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