Christian Teachings

As a Church of England Primary School, we place faith at the heart of all we do. We have a very special relationship with our local Church, All Saints, which we visit regularly.

In addition, we enjoy welcoming our Vicar, Rev. Kathryn Herrod in to school.    





















Christian Vision and Values

Our distinct Christian vision statement can be found here

As a school community, we agreed on four key Christian Values to guide us through daily life in school. They are; 






They are taught explicitly in R.E., PHSE and collective worship but pervade all aspects of the curriculum. The children are encouraged to reflect on these values on a regular basis and in a range of contexts.



Collective Worship

We engage in daily acts of collective worship; three times per week as a whole school and twice per week in our classrooms or Key Stages. 

Worship is an opportunity to actively participate in the teachings of our faith, through Bible stories, choral praise, celebration and prayer.   





Reflection Spaces 


Each classroom and shared space houses an area, specially dedicated to reflection. Reflection may include prayer, quiet thought or the reading of a Bible verse. 

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R.E. Curriculum


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